The Trip Derailment

Granted, this prolonged stay in the Hudson Valley was not part of the original itinerary. However, it is giving me the opportunity to experience the entire fall season in one place. I think we peaked here a few days ago and lots of leaves are coming off now.

Here are some noticings of differences in this area:

– the people I have met in the hospital and around and about are very friendly, far from the NYC stereotype.
– the drivers drive at a civilized speed and are generally polite, at least on Route 9 near the Hudson River, where I have spent most of my driving time.
– the two Airbnb hosts have gone far beyond the call of duty to accommodate me, given my emergency situation with Jack in the hospital.
– there is way less judgment of different kinds of people, by race, by professional ranking, and more than a passing acknowledgement of one’s common humanity.
– a serious willingness to be helpful

Often, when I travel, I think about what it would be like to live in that place. Like, when Rob and I visited Seattle for the first time in 1986, we were meeting a guy at a restaurant who got there a bit late because he was taking the ferry from Bainbridge Island. I thought “How cool is that?!” I would love to live on an island and commute on a ferry! Fast forward about 15 years and, there we were, living on Bainbridge Island and commuting on that same ferry for many years. So, let me mention now that I really like this part of New York on many different fronts. Who knows??? Yesterday, Jack said he wanted to continue having the Vassar Hospital doctors continue being his doctors. Hmmm…..we both have moved numerous times, so stranger things have happened….


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